How are we doing it?

The “Uddibaba FarmStay” model aims to: 

  1. Provide you with a natural and genuine stay in the places which are yet to be explored.
  2. Provide you with farm-to-table fresh organic food.
  3. Provide you with a real taste of the local lifestyle.
  4. Enable you to give back to Nature as part of our profit is donated for the development of the Seven Superseeds agriculture project.
  5. Enable you to give back to the local people who are there to make your stay possible.
  6. Enable you to help revert hill emigration of the villagers thus helping them keep their families together.
  7. Enable you to help us save the cultural heritage and traditions of the people living in Uttarakhand Himalaya by not being a mass tourist.

 How to reach the Uddibaba Farmstay?

With your own vehicle-

  1. From Rishikesh, head to Neer Waterfall.
  2. From there, follow the Uddibaba sign boards for 5km to reach a parking spot on the side of the road in Neer village (you’ll notice which one, there’s an Uddibaba sign there, too!)
  3. After parking your vehicle, you have to follow the signboards down the path (for about 800m) towards “Uddibaba farm stay”.

With public transport-

  1. From Rishikesh bus or train station, take a bus, taxi or autorickshaw to Tapovan.
  2. From Tapovan, take a taxi to reach Neer waterfall.
  3. From there, you have to hike up the waterfall for around 1.5km or you can tell the taxi driver to take you all the way to our roadside parking spot (5km ahead – Neer village).
  4. Follow the signs along the path and walk 800m downhill instead of 1.5km uphill (congrats, that was a win-win!) 

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