The Rapid Golf Course in white river rafting,Rishikesh

The Rapid Golf Course in white river rafting, Rishikesh

White River Rafting The day in midst of mighty river Ganga, where it had put her children into play
of life like an opportunity of rebirth into this planet. The play of life which divine had bestowed with
full of joy, happiness, bliss & serenity of nature at the time we had open our eyes to the world full of
hope for a beautiful tomorrow. Though we are unknown to the people gathered around us to watch
our first sight.

Again, I felt and experienced the reality of newborn child & its aura when I and my five other friends
on our adventure expedition at Rishikesh had the plan of world-famous thrilling white river rafting on
our mind.

We departed from our Jungle Camp Site toward the start point at Shivpuri beach & it was stretch of 16
Km up to Neem Beach, Laxmanjhula. Mr. Naveen was our raft guide who had been enjoying the love of
Mighty River Ganga but for him its Mother Ganga “Maa Ganga” from last Six years. And during the
conversation in which he shared many of experiences, I felt for his pure & soulful vibes spirited aura
like Mighty river Ganga make us feel.

We started to raft after his instructions, commands & special knowledge of Major rapids i.e. Roller
Coaster, Return & Sender, Double Trouble & The Golf Course on this rafting stretch of 16 km. We were
eight people including Mr. Naveen, me and one other guy plus 5 of my female friends excited as well
as scared but the love of Mighty Maa Ganga made all of us believe that they can live this feeling and
can refer to born again to rejoice their life.

Everyone was enjoying the raft with excitement as the first rapid passed, the one after another but…
here comes the GOLF COURSE Rapid. Ahaan.. this rapid had been a different experience for everyone.
The first time on the raft, mighty river Maa Ganga in form of Golf Course rapid was calling a challenge to
live the best moment of life.

Though it was not challenging for me, as I knew that I am the mighty Son of Maa Ganga like Mr.
Naveen but I was tensed for others. Every minute a closer near look of rapid was like river water is
gonna eat all of us with a roaring voice and same I saw in their eyes with a silence.

The silence that was shaky of having no other option apart from acceptance because it was our choice
which we already made hours ago and then I realized that we have to live this so I roared Come on
guys just let this be a never-ending experience.. everyone roared together like Mighty river Ganga was
looking to watch its children for more of it…

The golf course rapid took our raft high above the water base for seconds with the strongest power of
its strength. We never thought of it but suddenly destiny planned a jackpot of adventure when
another raft hit ours from back at the time when our raft was almost flipped and that was
already warned by Mr. Naveen in last second.

But…. WoW. that was the symbol of Mighty River Maa Ganga love to us and we got saved from the
flip through the other raft got flipped. Mr. Naveen instructed loudly to be ready to save the other
adventure spirits of the flipped raft from drowning though this raft group full of men had teased us. Yet, this moment when all men were asking for help as they were stuck in rapid but we all realized
the beauty of precious life we got and why the day of our birth had made everyone hopeful of a better

The same hope we saw in the men eyes stuck in trouble of rapid in a fear of life and death. The rescue
mission started as instructed by our Godman Mr. Naveen. Then we took four of them on our raft up to
the 40 foot Cliff Jumping and Chai- Maggi point by riverside run by villagers. The halt was the
precious one because Chai & delicious Maggi was the toppings of our white river rafting experience
like a rebirth of a child who again wanna to be joyful after a hard time of life and rest in the arms of
nature with the womb of Mighty River Maa Ganga…

Then, We all had 40foot Cliff jumping and that need to be done properly so ask your rafting guide if
you do not want to get slapped by Mighty River Ganga .. Haha… Heena got this being the most vocal
of adventure…

After it, we all were in raft again to cover the minor rapids and to accomplish the journey of 16 km up to
neem beach of our first white river rafting adventure at Heavenly Rishikesh. Then we all boarded the
vehicle with giant raft up to our Jungle campsite at shivpuri.. though the sun was about to set.
Every one of us was in peace and the silence prevailed in the vehicle like they had found the inner self
like never before. The realization of beautiful precious life which was the biggest gift to us the day we
born and the white river rafting again took us back in form of child re-birth. We love the way Mighty
River Maa Ganga loved and sooth our souls.

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