What do we do?

We are working on a Rural Development Plan for the Neer village and the surrounding area. This Plan is now characterized by two different projects: the Seven Superseeds Model and the Uddibaba Farmstay. 

Till now, we have successfully grown chia seeds for three years in a row and have successfully run Uddibaba Farmstay with the help of our donors, family, and friends.

We take care of a rented piece of land (1 acre) – the Kyarki Foundation Superfood Farm – and we have built 8 tents on our Farmstay property nearby. Each tent accommodates three beds. The tents are located near a natural water pool, our Uddibaba Organic Cafe, a bonfire spot and a natural cave.

If you are craving for some me-time or looking to escape the noisy routine down there, then our place will be your best, reasonably cheap, pick.

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