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how we are doing it.
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Happiness is our philosophy, we are a team and every person comes from different background, education, family etc and pursuing this Agro-tourism model with one fact in common “growth for all”. We are not believers or having belief in any kind of ideology. Truly, Our Philosophy is about sustainable development and every step of us revolves and evolves around that sole purpose “growth for all” i.e. Nature, society, economy, people, tourist, agriculture etc frankly, we take the suggestion from all the people we talk, meet, eat, party and enjoy with. Then we communicate, discuss and incorporate the positive of every idea happily into our vision.

Building a Sustainable Future in the way nature is intended.

Chia seeds farming
Morning Yoga
Customers having morning breakfast
Little buddha


The Rapid Golf Course in white river rafting,Rishikesh

The Rapid Golf Course in white river rafting, Rishikesh White River Rafting The day in midst of mighty river Ganga, where it…

It’s all about UDDIBABA….

Uddibaba…. Uddibaba…. Hoo.. ha..haa….haaa… Uddibaba…. Uddibaba…. Hoo.. ha..haa….haaa… Uddibaba...Big Taboo..! You can’t make it. Ohh...We are living in a society and that…

Ramana’s Garden and Children’s Home: A Cherished Icon of Rishikesh

I had the pleasure of spending Halloween night celebrating in style with the beautiful children of Ramana’s Children’s Home. As we danced…